About Us

Matt Jones, Director

Detective Matt Jones is the Director and Lead Instructor at Evocavi. He is an active member of local law enforcement, having served twenty-one years across three different departments. He has completed assignments in patrol, robbery, the U.S. Marshalls Violent Offender Taskforce, and homicide. Detective Jones has been collaborating with science-based interviewing and interrogation researchers since 2015 and began supporting science-based interviewing and interrogation training in 2017. In 2019, in conjunction with prominent research experts, he co-developed a week-long science-based interview training program designed specifically for law enforcement. The training program draws on principles of rapport and trust building, information elicitation and strategic questioning, the Cognitive Interview, handling resistance, credibility assessment, and evidence disclosure. This training has been delivered to several law enforcement agencies across the country, including Mesa PD, Wichita PD, and Tempe PD. Detective Jones holds a B.S. in Political Science/Criminal Justice from the University of Akron and a M.A. in Forensic Psychology from the University of North Dakota.

Researcher Affiliates

Evocavi partners with leading researchers in the fields of investigative interviewing, interrogations, confessions, and credibility assessment to co-instruct our course offerings and inform the research curriculum. These researchers hold doctoral degrees in various disciplines of psychology or related fields, have published extensively in academic journals about their research, and have a wealth of experience applying their knowledge and supporting science-based interview and interrogation training programs. This ensures that our curriculum is continually revised to incorporate the most up-to-date evidence-based investigative interviewing approaches.